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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Big 3-0

So like I said, I'm 30.

It seems like on my birthday all i heard was "Happy Birthday, how does it feel to be 30." Seriously? Like now that I'm 30 I'm gonna start drinking prune juice and fart out my colon. Like once you hit your birthday on any multiple of ten your supposed to be depressed. I'm pretty excited about it. I suppose i can start drawing my social security soon and blow it all on a Fiber One bender and get all fucked up on Centrum Silver.

On an unrelated subject, My wife went to Michael Tire yesterday and had some tires mounted and balanced. As we were leaving the weights that were placed around the rim to balance the tires flew off while we were driving down the road. We went back to the store and told them and they seemed to know exactly who had done it. If you were an employer and you know the Mongoloid that was making all the mistakes, wouldn't you fire them? You got a chimp with downs syndrome pinging around on people's rims with tack hammer, and your in the office laughing your ass off. What really pisses me off is that i paid ridiculous amounts in school tax so that the local high school could pass this asshole through to graduation only to fuck up my wife's car. I guess they thought they could take advantage of me because I'm old.