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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Long Week

It's been a while but im back.

Have you ever sneezed while you were pissing? I didn't think it could happen but there i was hunched over the toilet and sure enough, I sneezed mid stream. The first thing you notice is a loss of aim. You sneeze, your eyes close, you open them, and your pissing on a shampoo bottle you knocked off in the shower. There is also a very strange burning sensation. I assume that the abrupt increase in water preasure is really taking its tole on your pee hole and thats why it burns, but im not a doctor and i really dont know. You also get a little light headed. Im not sure what that is from. It is definently a journey everyone should take once in there life. Just don't try to cut it off when you feel the sneeze comming, you might shoot your nuts right on down to your knee cap.